How to Engage kids at Home

Are you looking out for something new every now and then to keep your kid busy at home? If the answer is yes, then we are here with the best solution. Engage kids at home sometimes exhausts the parents. Because kids have a very small attention span and they get fed up or bored very easily. So, you have to be prepared with a bunch of ideas at hand. 

Enjoyable activities to engage kids at home

Exciting play dates

This is the best way to engage your kids even with less of your intervention. Host a play date by inviting their friends with whom they get along quite easily, especially for a long time. It can keep them busy for hours. Kids may act role plays or whatever they like. But don’t forget to keep an eye on them for their safety. You can also set some rules and make sure that they follow the instructions properly. If the kids are toddlers, they need complete attention and do not understand the rules for obvious reasons. 

Also, some of the days send your kid to their friend’s house for playing. This way, they will get a change, and you too. 

Art and craft

It is definitely the favorite activity of almost all the kids. The bright colors and different shapes attract the children very much. You can also make it their individual activity and provide appropriate stationery items. There are numerous coloring books available which are apt for coloring and other art activities. So, you just have to give your kid their favorite colors like crayons, watercolors or anything they like and see what they bring out by their creativity. 

Also, there are certain crafts that need cutting of the paper. For younger kids, you can cut the paper and ask them to shape it as per the guidelines in the book. You can also buy some good craft books from the market.

Reading is never old-fashioned

Kids love to listen to the bedtime stories but for a change make them read. Reading is a very good habit. And to make it interesting for children, let them choose the book. If you force them to read something, they will never do it. So, it’s better that they go through the options and select something of their choice. 

There are a plethora of books available for kids on different themes. Some constitute words, however, some have pictures only. Unbelievably, there are also books for infants that have a very distinct texture to attract them. In case, your kid gets confused then you can help them by discussing their favorite cartoon characters or the type of stories they like.

Listen to the podcasts

Another fun thing that the internet has gifted us to engage kids at home is the podcast. Interestingly, these audiobooks are for kids of all ages. They can listen to stories or rhymes. Also, it is of great help to those who are not completely efficient in reading. Audiobooks help in cultivating the habit of listening to the stories in kids. These books are easily available on the internet or in local libraries.  

Educational game

If your kid is well versed in operating a computer or tablet, then educational games can be a good pass time. These games are not only fun but also offer some knowledge to the kids. For instance, online Scrabble, word games, general knowledge games, brain games, and many more. 

But make sure that you keep a fixed time limit for the kids while handing over the electronic gadget to them. Also, extended screen time can harm their eyes, and kids easily get addicted to these things. 

So, make sure that they play on gadgets once in a while. 


Naps are equally essential for the kids to keep their brains fresh and healthy like games. So, don’t focus on playtime only but also keep a fixed time for naps. Also, most of the work from home parents work while their kids take a nap. 

But the naptime is often very uncertain. So, if you are a work from home parent, then do not keep your appointments or meetings during this time. Because a slight change in your kid’s nap can make a huge impact on your career. But don’t be disappointed, you can still accomplish tasks like household chores, other official work, or take some rest during this time. 

Playing with toys

Kids always have some favorite toys that keep them busy for hours. But not to forget that kids get bored very easily and their toys stop looking appealing to them. Therefore, to maintain their interest, parents should keep the toys out of the kid’s sight for some time and give them back after a few days. 

There are many toys like trains on the rails, construction toys, blocks, board games, and many more that can keep the kids engaged for a long time. 

World of imagination

Kids when entering the toddler stage start imagining the things. They create stories in their mind. This is not something that you can teach them or force them to do. It comes very naturally in children. This imagination keeps them engaged in their world for hours. You can provide them some action figures or other toys so that they can make a story of their own. This way, you can get some quiet time while watching them from a distance. 

Playing instruments

If music interests your kid rather than board games, then you must encourage their choice and provide them the instrument of their preference. You can also arrange online classes for them to learn the respective instrument. 

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There are various instruments like guitar or piano which can interest children. These are not only good for playing but also it will sharpen the memory of your kid and develop their cognitive skills. 

Therefore, these are some of the activities for your kids to carry on while at home besides online learning classes from school.