Benefits of Hopscotch Game

Hopscotch is a game played worldwide. It is an old-school game but still lively and enjoyable. It is the most favorite game played by the kids in school playgrounds or parks. The easy availability of the necessary material makes it more accessible. 

It is a fun game that has a certain set of rules. Kids can play as per the traditional rules or they can make some of their own. This is one of the few old time games which has not lost its value over time and generations.

It does not require any costly material or things are hard to find. 

What are the requirements?

These are the things that are required to play hopscotch game at home:

You can use chalk to draw or masking tape. 

A marker which can be anything like shell, pebble, button etc. 

How to play hopscotch?

First of all, you can use chalk for drawing the game on the floor. The cemented floor is a plus in this case. If you are playing indoors, you can use painter’s tape.

Now, draw a figure with ten equal sized boxes and write numbering in it sequence wise. 

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For starting the game, you need to throw the marker in the first square. If it drops inside the square you win, if it is on the line or anywhere outside the box, you lose and will try next time for your turn. 

Start hopping on the empty boxes using your single foot and leave the one on which the marker is laying.

There are also some numbers written in pairs. Traditionally, those are 4,5 and 7,8. You have to jump with both your feet on these numbers. 

Now, on the last square, which is ten, you need to jump using both feet and then jumping again to go backward on the hopscotch.

This time, when you reach the number which has your marker, pick it up on your single foot only. And then continue coming your way back.

If you are lucky enough to finish it all in one go, then you will throw the marker on the next number in your next turn.

If you have missed this turn, then you will continue with the same number in your next turn. It can be in the case when you have dropped the marker on the wrong number, missed a box, jumped with both feet when required one as per the rules, or touched any line or the boundary of the square. 

These are the rules which every player needs to follow in order to play hopscotch games at homes or in outdoor areas. Also, there is no limit to the number of participants. As many kids can play together as they want.

Benefits of hopscotch

Here are some of the Benefits of Hopscotch Game that helps in developing the kids in one way or the other.

Brain development

The jumping motion excites the kids and their involvement in the game increases. The body movements often make them feel good and they want to repeat it again and again. And hopscotch is full of body movements that too at regular intervals. 

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As per the rules of the game, the player has to jump on one foot, which is the most complicated task for one’s body. This homolateral movement of the body keeps the one side still while the other side at motion. It is not merely moving from one block to another but it develops the cognitive skills, balance, and coordination of the child. 

Adding on, while the kid is jumping on one leg, their neural pathways are developing. These are the pathways that assist the parts of the brain; left and right to think accordingly. 

Body control

The rules of the game create so much twist in it. As the player cannot jump on the line or touch the line in any case. This is where the child learns to control their body movement. Not only the body movements but they realize the importance of rules in game or in real life. This game teaches the kids to follow certain rules in order to win. 

The hopscotch gets their mind and body at work together. So, they rush their brains to know where to stop, where to hop, and pick the marker. Thus, at the end of the day, they are coming home with learning self-control.

Rhythm of the body

This hopping game has a certain rhythm and kids need to follow that rhythm. Not only the rhythm of continuous jumps or steps but also hopping, stopping, picking, and continuing that all over again. Thus, it trains the body to work according to set patterns or criteria. 

This rhythmic coordination also helps in developing good memory in kid’s brains. It works as per the beats just like the internal metronome. Those steps they are taking get into their brains and with practice, they hop just by the number or the beat of the hops. 

Strengthening the body muscles

The other big part of the game is leaping. The kids have to take leaps in order to go ahead. After hopping, they need to focus on this part. With further moves, few blocks need a leap. In the game, hopscotch kids have to take a leap on a single foot. It is not as easy as it sounds. The task takes a lot of strength. 

However, more strength will be the body stamina. Even it feels hard to them at first, but they will learn gradually to move forward and face the challenges in life. The difficulties often teach the best lessons. Therefore, it builds the physical and as well as mental strength. 


Maintaining the body balance is the real task of the game. Kids need to throw the marker at a number and then start at one foot and also come back with the marker in the same way. The whole game is about balancing the body at one foot.

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Thus, it helps the kids to maintain balance in their life also. It is a big aid in their physical development from many aspects.

Awareness about the space

The blocks of the hopscotch are of similar shape divided into equal spaces. Thus, they define the particular area, specific rules, and the difficulties also. Kids are often privileged with the freedom of thoughts and actions. But this game teaches them to stay inside a box and move cautiously. In simple words, it makes them understand the importance of boundaries in life. By adjusting themselves into those boxes, they learn to make adjustments and fit in with the world.

Coordination of body parts

The first and foremost step in the game is throwing the marker to the desired number and then start hopping. Thus, the body needs to coordinate for the number which the eye is reading, the mind is thinking about and the body needs to react. It all depends on the coordination of these parts. 

Hopscotch Game is simple but it tests the activities of the body very nicely. The child has a set target and he needs to make his arm move in such a way that the marker touches the number which the brain is aiming at. Thus, this calculation of the body parts needs to be quick enough. Also, there is constant change in the target which requires subtle adjustments. 

Motor control

The game tests the motor control of the kids when they need to pick up the marker. At every turn, the player has to bend and pick the pebble that too on a single foot. It takes a lot of strength and control on the body for kids to bend over. Therefore, it is quite a challenging part but what else can be more than the challenges. 


Kids need to focus on every turn while throwing the marker and then hopping, jumping, picking, and so on. Thus, they learn the sequence of the game and the priority of numbers. It teaches them life long skills such as making strategy and planning. But it is not only a mind game, it involves their body, helping it develop in a better way.

Social development

The game develops the social skills of the children. As they learn to wait for their turn peacefully and accept their defeat. These outdoor games often raise the feeling of healthy competition in kids among their peers. Also, they learn how to behave socially and maintain friendly relationships. 

Development of character

Everyone wants to win when it comes to games or competition. Kids develop a feeling of betterment at an early age by playing these games. They easily realize that they need to work hard to be successful whether it is game or life. 

Benefits of Hopscotch Game develop sportsmanship in children and they naturally attain a positive attitude. Even losing makes them a better person. It arises modesty inside them. Thus, it helps build the character of the kids.