Indian Breakfast for Kids

The most struggling task is to make the child eat something. Especially when we are talking about Indian Breakfast for Kids, it’s a problem of every single mother. 

Breakfast is the most important time to have a filling and healthy meal. The body sleeps overnight and is on fasting. Also, it is quite important that kids consume something very healthy which is full of energy and nutrition. 

Kids are more energetic than adults and thus, the parents should make them eat the food rich in protein, and carbohydrates. 

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But at the same time, serving them the same curd, chapati or vegetables make it monotonous for them and for parents too. This is the reason that kids start running away from the food. Therefore, the. The best solution is to add some twist in the recipes and serve the same chapati and vegetables but in an interesting way. 

In this article, we have discussed some of the best Indian breakfast recipes for kids. It will definitely make your kid finish the whole meal on their own. 

Oats dosa

It is a complete diet food that consists of all the essential proteins, carbs, and veggies too. Oats dosa is the best Indian breakfast for breakfast kids. 

The ingredients are moong dal, oats, carrot, salt, black pepper powder, coriander leaves, cooking oil.

How to prepare

First of all, roast the oats on a medium flame until the color changes to golden. Then, wash the moong dal and soak it with roasted oats for at least 30 minutes. Make a paste of it with a blender and add some salt black pepper. You can also add veggies like carrot and add some coriander leaves as well. Make sure the mixture is thick like pancake batter. Now apply some oil to the preheated griddle and spread the mixture on it. Cook it for a few minutes and flip the side. Serve it hot with some sauce and curd. 

Crushed paneer rolls

These rolls are the best option for a lunch box and for healthy and filling breakfast. For this, you have to make chapatis separate and paneer burji separately. For chapatis make sure that the dough is soft and make it as thin as possible. Then, cook burji as you make normally according to the child’s taste. Then, take one chapati and spread mayonnaise all over it or you can put any dressing. After that, place the filling and roll it from one end to another. And your kid’s favorite paneer roll is ready to satiate their hunger. 

Veg sandwich

The all-time favorite veggie sandwiches are a great option for the breakfast. The combination of bread and vegetables make it nutritious and yummy. 

The ingredients are:

Crushed paneer, vegetables like potato, carrot, onion, tomato, tomato sauce, and whole wheat bread. 

How to make

First of all, you need to saute onions and put them aside. Then, put some butter on the top of bread slides and start by spreading sauce on it. After that put some paneer and all the veggies one by one. Also, add some paneer on the top layer for better taste. Then put another slice to cover it and put some butter on it. It is better to preheat the sandwich maker and place the sandwich in it. Now, take the sandwich out and serve to the kid. 

Stuffed masala dosa

Dosa is a very healthy dish for kids and even for adults. Kids usually enjoy the crispy dishes and potatoes just add more fun to it. 

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The ingredients for dosa batter are wheat flour, rice flour, semolina, and salt. Now, the ingredients for the filling are potato, onion, carrot, turmeric, salt, cooking oil, mustard seeds, and chana dal. 

How to cook

First, prepare the batter by mixing all the flours and then add some water in it. Make sure that the water is according to the consistency of the batter. 

Now for preparing the filling, put all the veggies in a cooker and add some water, salt, and cooking oil in it. Mash them once they are ready and keep aside. Now put some oil in a kadhai and add mustard seeds. Then, put onions in it and let them turn red. Add the mashed veggies in it and saute for a few minutes. 

Now take a griddle and put some oil on it. Spread the batter as a thin layer on it and put the filling in an appropriate quantity. Roll it from both sides to cover from the center. Then, change the side to roast it from both sides. The healthy and mouth-watering masala dosa is ready. 

Stuffed Paratha

Paratha is a very common and favorite dish of people living in the north part of the country. It is very easy to make and takes very little time. There are myriad options to make parathas with different fillings. Here we will talk about paneer and aloo paratha. 

The ingredients for the dough are wheat flour and water. And for the filling we need, potato, paneer, onion, cumin seeds, oil and coriander leaves. 

First of all, take a large bowl and put some wheat flour in it. Then add water and start kneading it. After kneading keep it aside for some time. 

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Now, prepare the filling by boiling potatoes in a pressure cooker. Then, put some oil in a kadhai and saute the aloo and crushed paneer in it. Also add cumin seeds, coriander leaves and salt in it. You need to cook it only for a minute and then let it cool. 

Start making chapatis by rolling the dough on a flat surface. Add the filling in the center and seal it to cover from all sides. Then put some raw flour on it and start rolling. After that, put it on tawa and cook it until it turns brown from both sides. 

So, try these scrumptious recipes at home and pamper your kids with a healthy and tasty breakfast.