Indoor Activities for Kids

Coronavirus is not the only challenge nowadays. So what are the other things bothering people, especially the parents? One of the most protruding riddles is the engagement of the kids while at home. Usually, kids spend almost half of their day at school, but this pandemic has made the parents brainstorm their minds to think of something new every time the little one says “I am bored”. Employing new and fun activities for kids has been the most arduous task for the parents for the last couple of months.

So, here are some tips to make it trouble-free:

Make a school like schedule

First of all, you need to set a routine and allocate appropriate time for study and play.

Besides online classes, you must fix a lunch break or recess. Kids are used to follow a routine and if the same repeats at home, it would make them less fussy.

Map out the important things like the assignments and homework.

Then have a dedicated time for play.

Spare some screen time so that your kid doesn’t miss his or her favorite cartoon.

Here are some exciting activities for kids:

City Box

Different toys with bright lights and music wouldn’t entertain the kids as much as the creative games like this one. It would take more time and keep them busy for longer. 

What you need to do is arrange a carton and cut a few pieces out of it from the top. Draw roads with dark pen and ask the kids to build a city of their own inside it. They can use their cars for building parking lots and their blocks for towers and houses. These games are usually on the internet but why to make your kid addicted to technology. Use this time to brush their skills.

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Picture Puzzles

Nothing beats the puzzles. You can take out any cartoon picture which is your kid’s favorite and cut it in joining shapes. Then, take a cardboard and ask them to join the pieces and make the picture. This activity is time consuming. You can do any chore or have some relaxing time while the child is running his brain for solving the puzzle. The pieces can be smaller or larger, as per the age and capability of kid. But make sure that the puzzle is not too hard, kids have lower patience level and they can fed up easily. Keep it simpler and entertaining.

Toys cleaning

Alright! it’s not a game actually. But still it’s a very productive activity for kids which can save much of your time and engage them. Toys cleaning has been more crucial during pandemic and your kids must know it’s importance. It will not only give them a task but also they would understand the importance of keeping their belongings clean. But not to forget, kids only like enjoyable activities and to make this amusing you can give them bubbly soap and their favorite color gloves. Let them play around and blow the bubbles and whatever they like. I am sure they would end up cleaning their toys and have a happy time. 


It is quite creative game. First you need to write the name of some objects on the different chits of paper and then put the chits in a bowl. Now alternatively pick the chits out of the bowl. The name of the thing is what you have to draw on the board. The white board and the marker is suggested to use; black board and chalk would dirty more. Draw the pickup out thing written on the chit. If the player from the other team guesses it right, bingo the point goes to them. This way you can make your involvement as well and use this as a bonding time. 

The dot game

We all have played this game as kids and it used to be the favorite one for most of us. Draw any bird, animal or anything but not with lines, with the help of numbers on the borders. Ask your kid to join the dots and see what comes up. The picture should be a surprise so that the excitement of joining the dots don’t die. They would never get bored of it. If you are not creative enough to draw it, then you can buy the book from the market or online. 

Paint the things

Painting will never be bygone activity. From toddlers to teenagers, it excites everyone. But to make it divergent from conventional, you can give random things to kids like flower pots, some wall at the backside, or any other thing that you think can be painted. Kids love to do unusual activities and this would be the most desirable thing they ever wanted to do. You can also accompany them and give the child inside you a chance to have some fun.

Out of the box

This activity is fun and at the same time educational for kids, it is less physical and more conceptual. First you have to take an empty box and then put some random things in it. Something that your kid would recognize easily. Then ask him or her to pick out one thing at once. He or she has to tell the three uses of that particular thing. Unique the use, more would be the points. This way they will use their brains to find out fun and contrasting uses of things. 

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Word Games

If you are on a stage of teaching new words to the kids, this is the best activity. Write some words on the board and miss some alphabet from it. For example: if you are writing KITE, you can miss “I” or “T”. 

Write down the missing alphabet on a paper and ask the child to find it. If there are five words and five different alphabets are missing, they would find them and try to paste the right one that completes the word. This way they will never forget the spelling of the word because they rush their brains on it. It will be the best thing to pass time and to make learning some fun. 


Scrabble is a game usually played by a group of two, three or four people. The game is played on a square board, alike chess board with some boxes on it comparatively of the smaller size. The players have to make a word on the tiles using any of the letters. The winner is the person with more number of words and who has no tile left at the end.

Flameless cooking

Yes, you read it right. Cooking can also be a part of the list when we are jotting down fun activities for kids. There is a plethora of options in flameless cooking. You can make them prepare some sort of sandwiches, cake, shakes, juices, smoothies and the list is never ending. Engage them in preparing their favorite dish or drink. It will solve two purposes, one they would be able to help themselves in time of need and second, you would get a helping hand. You never know one of the kids might find their dream profession in this.

Indoor picnic

Picnic is an exciting word in itself. The idea of house picnic is as much fun as outside. It is good for you too if you are bored of the daily chores. Picnic is best enjoyable in the backyard or garden area, otherwise terrace would work too. Prepare the eatables and your kid’s favorite drink and pack it up just like visiting outside. Spread the sheet on the picnic area and play games, listen to the music, dance happily. It would be the best evening for sure.

Spot the difference

Spot the difference is a mind game and it’s quite helpful in improving kids intellectually. You can have two images looking almost alike with minor differences and ask your child to spot the difference. For adding fun to it, you can give them specific time limit to find at least five differences. Keep your stop watch handy and start the game with full enthusiasm.

Story reading

Story reading is not only for night’s sleep. It is a good time pass if you want to spend some time with your kids. Read them a good story in such a way that they can imagine the characters in their mind and then you can ask them to paint the pictures from their imagination.

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Face paint

Face paint is a highly competitive activity that can make your kid win some prizes at the school competition. So do not hesitate about the clutter and mess. Give them the skin friendly colors and let your face be the canvas of their creativity. You two can have a friendly bond through this activity and probably you would love your new look with your face painted in different hues.

So these are the activities for kids you might be looking for to make daily life easy and interesting. These would help to make the kiddie less fussy