Pros & Cons of Effect of Mobile on Child

Is your younger one already addicted to a mobile phone? Do you think handing over the phone to the kids helps in calming them easily? Do you feel that it is a boon for your baby’s entertainment? If you are nodding your head or murmuring yes, then you must read this article about Pros & Cons of Effect Of Mobile On Child. 

We always ask ourselves what would we do without mobile phones. But what we don’t know is that this technology has so many negative impacts on our lives. Especially, on our kids who get so affected by it. Many of us have no idea about the effects of mobile phones on children.

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our daily life. We connect to the world, plan things and even maintain good health with the help of applications available in it. Moreover, the kids these days have their personal phones. They have become so addicted that outdoor games seems like a flying pig now. 

Why do kids use cellphones?

Let’s discuss the reasons of excessive usage of cell phones by kids. 


Entertainment is the main reason of using mobile phones. In spite of so many negative impacts, parents try to entertain their kids by giving them cell phones. The cartoon videos or poems available on internet make them get addicted to it.


Some sincere kids also use it for their education purpose. They download their notes, and homework. However, they do not restrict the usage to the study purpose only.

Easy contact

Parents often let their child use cell phone for their safety. So, whenever kids need to go somewhere, they can easily contact their parents and inform them about their well being. 

Alarms and reminders

Today’s life is so busy that we have become dependent on technology to remember our day-to-day tasks. Therefore, mobiles help adults and kids for waking up, preparing test, remembering to bring notes to the class. 

Effect of Mobile on child

We have gone through the benefits of this portable device. Now, let’s know something that we really need to know and understand. 

Effect on brain

Mobile is a hazardous device for kids brain. There have been a lot of studies on it being harmful and it’s consequences on children. Here are some of its effect on kids:


As per the studies, mobiles can affect the functioning of kid’s brains. The radiations present in it damage the brain cells. Consequently, it can give birth to tumor as their brain is sensitive as compared to adults.


Mobile phones have a potential of causing cancer to the kids. It carries carcinogen as per the World Health Organization and thus, carries risk of transmission of cancerous cells in the body.

Hinder brain’s development

The effect of mobile on child the performance of the brain of the child. The cell phones damage the brain tissues and hinders its activities. Consequently, not only the learning ability gets damaged but kid’s mental activities also reduce to a great extent.

Effect on studies

Nowadays, children have become so addicted to phones that most of their time is spent while playing games. As we know, phones are quite user-friendly. Therefore, they easily scroll YouTube and watch videos. Even parents hand over their phones to kids to divert their mind and get some free time. As a resultant, kids pay no attention towards their studies. Also their academics suffer badly and they lag behind in their class.

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Moreover most of the kids carry phones with them to school. Therefore, they hardly focus on the lectures and keep chatting on phone. As a result, their productivity reduces and they fail to get good scores.

Malpractices in schools

Mobile phones not only affect the studies of the students but it also leaves a negative impression on their personality. Even after so many instructions, kids carry their mobiles to school and use it as a calculator. However, the authorities of the premises strictly prohibit the use of phones. Furthermore, they use it for the purpose of cheating in exams. They click pictures of their study material and use them for writing answers in-class tests or examinations. Effect of mobile on child promotes bad behavior on the part of students and also make others doubt their parenting. 

Disturbed sleep

Children end up using cell phones till late night for scrolling through social media accounts, chatting or talking on phone to the friends and to play games as well. As a result, they get sleep deprived and unable to focus on their lectures.  Moreover, it affects their mental health in the extreme. Mobiles tend to have a domino effect that start a series of events that continues to have a negative impact on kid’s lives. 

Ill-suited behavior

Kids tend to fall in the hoodwink of using excessive social media and as a resultant, face humility. Firstly, there is a lot of exchange of photographs and videos on phone. Not all of them are appropriate for kids. Therefore it can expose them to the pornography at a very young age as they don’t have the sense to differentiate between the right and wrong at such a young age. Also they tend to forward these messages which can land them up in big trouble. Therefore, they are easily attracted towards the negative things and fall for the traps of social media. 

Medical problems

Mobile phones have made the kids stick to one place by offering the whole world in it. Also, this technology have made them impaired and they try to do everything through phones. For instance, playing outdoor games downloaded on phone, and talking on phones sitting at one place. There is no offense in saying that phones have made our kids couch potatoes. But it is important for us to understand that it is giving rise to dangerous health issues that can affect the kids badly. The diseases like hypertension and diabetes can attack the kid’s health and disturb their whole life.

Mental peace

There have been many incidents where kids have become the victims of cyber bullying. They harass innocent kids and consequently the later seem to suffer in silence. As a result, kids face lot of stress and anxiety. Moreover, depression take hold of them and affect their mental health. 

How to protect kids from mobile phones?

Protecting the kids from the harmful effects of mobiles is the need of the hour. Therefore, we have come up with the solutions that might help you and your kid.

The first and foremost solution is to avoid handing over the cell phones to kids, especially below the age of 16 years. Kid’s brain is quite sensitive and therefore the damage can be more to them. The density of their skull bone is not developed completely. So, it can be dangerous for the brain tissues. Adding on, it is the only possible solution to save your kid from the radiation of phones.

If it is utmost important for your kid to use phone or make a call, then make them use headphones instead of putting phone directly to the ears. It will help to some extent.

We must avoid handing over the phones to the kids whenever we are traveling or in a vehicle. Because inside the vehicles the network of the mobile phone is blocked. Consequently, the power of the phone is increased to catch the network. Thus, it becomes more harmful inside the bodies made of metal. 

Kids are like blank papers, they follow parents and their behavior most of the times. As adults, it is our responsibility to avoid the use of phone so that our kids do not follow the same pattern. 

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The mobile towers are no less dangerous. Therefore parents have to be very careful in case they find a tower in their residential area or nearby kid’s school. As it’s radiations become more powerful in its surroundings.

The kids need an eye all the time. So you should watch if they are carrying their phones to the school. It would be easy if you stay connected with the school and ask about your kid’s report once in a while. 

If your kid uses your phone, then keep the child lock on the websites so that there is no risk to the exposure of inappropriate content. 

However, this double-edged sword has changed the world manifolds. It helps in saving lot of time for us. There is nothing wrong in using this device but the excess of everything is bad. Additionally, putting restrictions might increase your kid’s curiosity for using it. So, make them use it in right way. There are educational resources in abundance on the internet which might increase child’s learning and understanding in various aspects. 

But make them aware of its disadvantages. If your child is mature enough to understand the harmful effect of mobile on child, then talk to them about the misuse of the internet. Posting a picture on social media is not only fun, but it may have adverse results.