Shipping & Refunds

Shipping & Delivery Policies

As of 20th August 2022 Little1 don’t deal with any physical products so no physical delivery is required. Whatever our products or services only digital & will be delivered over email or other digital medium. Our Contest prize or gift voucher & e-certificate please follow our rules & prizes page for when winners gift/certificate will be issued.

Refund & Cancellation Policies

Little1 Contest is totally free to join, no payment required for signup. If any case you got any mail from our team about Contest Upgrade option then only payment required. In that case how refund will work:

  1. We will issue refund only within 5days of payment if you are not happy with our contest.
  2. No Refund will be accepted, If your contest got cancel due to some of our policies violation.
  3. No refund or Cancellation will be accept after 5days of payment.
  4. Any refund will be process within 7days of request.

For getting refund please write to us within your contest ID, email id, mobile number you used while making payment.