Facts About Jagannath Puri Temple

Jagannath Temple

Jagannath Temple is one of the most revered Temples in India. Million of devotees visit Jagannath temple every year. Lord Krishna is worshipped as Lord Jagannath, along with elder brother Lord Balbhadra, and younger sister Goddess Subhadra. 

Temple mysteries

several unexplained mysteries associated with the temple, such as the direction of the flag, the wooden idols, absence of a shadow, the Mahaprasad served to Lord Jagannath, sound of waves, and more, which has no scientific reason. 

Flag Direction

Jagannath Puri Temple flag at the top flutters in the opposite to the direction of the wind blows.

No Shadow

No matter what time of the day it is, no matter where the sun is shining through in the sky, the temple doesn't have a shadow.

Mystery of MAHAPrasad

Every day the same amount of Mahaprasad is cooked. None of the days, the food gets wasted, and none of the devotees remain unfed.

Direction of Chakra

chakra's on the top, fact is that any viewer who views the chakra from a height at any point in Puri always sees that the chakra faces towards itself.


7 earthen pots are placed one above the other and the food is cooked over firewood and the food in the topmost pot gets cooked first followed by rest.

Sound of Waves

 Once you step inside the temple, you stop hearing the sound of the sea, the temple mutes the sound of the sea. 

Reverse Sea Breeze

The breeze blows from the sea towards the land and during evening hours it blows from the land towards the sea. But in Puri, it happens in the reverse form.