A Step-by-Step Guide to Reward Your Child

Do you want to know about the reward system to motivate your kids? It is one of the best ways to manage preschoolers, toddlers, and school going kids. A Reward system is a positive reinforcement that motivates kids. 

Hence, we are discussing creative ways to reward your child. You are not required to go out of the house but you can implement these ways at your home only. 

Creative and simple strategies to reward your child

If you think that rewards can be bought, you are wrong. They are not required to be bought but they are customized gifts. Have you ever imagined that your child will become excited if you will spend the time with them? Hence, we are discussing some of the personalized ways to reward your child. 

Old memories

Remove the dust from your old photos albums. You can also search for videos linked to your childhood memories and wedding. Then sit with your child. Enjoy watching videos and chat with your kids about the photo albums and videos. 

Bubbles blow

You can easily make your bubble solution. Plan to blow bubbles from the bubble solution. Your kid will enjoy blowing bubbles with you. Rejoice by watching your child jumping with joy and blowing bubbles. It works with all ages.

Enjoy playing hopscotch

It is fun to stretch legs at home. Chalk or tape can be used to create hopscotch on the floor. Just draw it and get started with your kid. Are you excited to tell your kids to toss the stone? Then, teach him/her how to skip and jump. You can also tell me how to reach the end. So, what are your views that who will win the race?

Dance moves

Teach your kids to dance. Select songs and then move your body for dance. Involve your kids and also learn dance from them. Also, click some pictures and capture your memories in the camera. 


Allow your kid to pick the outfit for you. You can dress, pose, and click certain pictures. You can also arrange a costume party for your kids and his/her friends. So, have you planned that what are you and your kid going to wear to the costume party?

Home tent

You can make a tent by using blankets. Select the living room and ready for camping. Also, be excited and pack board games, food, and blankets. Then, you can plan to head for camp. So, are you thinking to share camping stories? If yes, then you can draft camping stories for your kids.

Game of whisper

Plan a whisper game and settle down. Then, use a funny word or short sentence to the kid. Then, ask to whisper to another person. You can continue the game and then the last person will say it loud. This game is quite funny as you will hear sentences and words that are muddled up. So, I hope that this trick will help you to reward your child. 

Playtime with dad or mom

Parents must take distinct playtime for kids. You must plan an exclusive date with your kid. Decide in advance what you are going to play with kids. Select to play either hide and seek or catch. So, just enjoy your time with your family. 

Secret language

Stories are routine work. Every day you can come to a new language. This will be the secret language between you and your kids. So, be excited and develop a secret language with your kid. So, enjoy doing this fun activity with your child.

Food shapes

You can roll out the dough into different sizes and shapes. You can also try dosas of different shapes. Make a house-shaped or cat-shaped chapatti or dosa. You can also keep a colorful side dish. Hence, the child will become excited about the special reward. So, you can reward your child. 

Rock concert at home

Does your kid like to dance on music? If yes, then you can plan a rock concert at your home. You can plan to play music through utensils. You can select certain utensils and play the child’s favorite music tunes. You can clatter and bang pans and pots. This is quite an exciting reward system for your child. 

Medal ceremony

Do your kids like medals? If yes, then you need to do the preparation. You have to do the medals ready for your kid. You can use paints, cardboard, and ribbon to make medals. Surprise your kid with a medal ceremony as the reward. Also, capture these memories in your camera.

Obstruction challenge

Use the old cardboards for making an obstruction path. You can plan to play the game of spoon and lemon. Make sure that there is sufficient space to play the game of obstructions. You can also use the stopwatch to see that completes the race first.

Freeze game

We understand that you want to reward your kid. Searching effective ways to reward your kid. Hence, the freeze game is an effective method to reward your child. Freeze game is all about to stand like a statue. Run counting from 1 to 3 and then take your position as a statue. Let’s see how much time you and your child can standstill. 

Spoon feeding

Your child will be so happy if you will feed them. If your child has started to eat independently then he will be happy if you will feed them by your own hands. You can take out the time from your busy schedule and feed them breakfast, dinner, and lunch. We are sure that this can be one of the best strategies for rewarding your child.

Bedtime stories

If you are busy the whole day in your office work or house chores then you can spend some time with your kid at night. You can reward her/him with a bedtime story. Select favorite books and read. 

Laugh and laugh

You can come with funny jokes. Make them listen and laugh and laugh.

Food of the day

If your child completes the simple or tough task then you can make her/his favorite dish. 

Write the song

Write a song for your child. You can select the favorite song and personalized the song for her/him. Sing a song and reward your kids. You can compose the song in your tone. 

Magic show

You can plan a magic show and put the magic hat. Learn new tricks and present the show in front of your kids. 

So, we have discussed many strategies to reward your child.  These are simple tricks that can help you to motivate your child with the reward system. A reward is an important way to encourage your child for doing good things. It will instill a positive feeling in the mind of your kid. They will be able to understand what is good or bad. 

So, spend time with your kid and plan the above-mentioned reward activities for her/him. These activities for rewards can be designed at home only. You are not required to spend much as well. So, you can implement the above-mentioned ideas.