Best Indian Snacks for Kids

Indian snacks for kids are something that makes us enjoy evenings with the family and arise adrenaline rush into the body. Especially for kids who are asking for something to eat from their mothers every now and then. Sometimes, we try to keep it easy by substituting homemade snacks with packed foods because of a shortage of time. But, those foods give no benefit to your kid’s body moreover has an adverse effect. So, we have come up with some of the quick snacks that your kids will savor and you will enjoy making it for them. 


‘Cookies’ is a favorite word of almost all the kids, but those available in the market are not that healthy. So, here are the most healthy cookies which will work as the best Indian snacks for kids.  You need to use ragi instead of flour and follow the instructions written below. The ingredients are ragi flour, cardamom powder, one egg, and rice bran oil. 

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First of all, mix one cup ragi flour with half tablespoon cardamom powder and roast this mixture for a couple of minutes. Then add an egg, bran oil, and a pinch of salt to this mixture to make a dough. For the shape, divide the dough in small balls and then flatten them. Now bake them in an oven for 8 to 10 minutes and don’t forget to keep a butter paper on the dish. Set the oven at 180 degrees. Healthy cookies are ready in a few minutes. 


Dhokla is a very delicious dish and a healthy snack for kids. It is full of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. The ingredients for making dhokla are gram flour, salt, sugar, turmeric powder, citric acid, oil, and mustard seeds. 

Now for making powder, mix gram flour, turmeric powder, salt and sugar as per taste in a bowl. Also, add one tablespoon of citric acid and some water according to the consistency of the batter. Then mix one tablespoon of baking soda in it. Mix it well and convert the mixture in a steamer or a pressure cooker. Also, we need to prepare the liquid to pour on the dhokla for better taste. Put some water in a pan and add mustard seeds to it, some salt, sugar, and curry leaver. Now, pour it on dhokla and savor it with kids.

Oats crumble

Oats contain fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. And you can make it in different variants. Adding some apples to it increase its benefits and will work as antioxidants. For preparing oats crumble with apple we need oats, apple, cinnamon powder, lemon, and brown sugar.

First of all, cut the apples into slices and add one lemon juice to it and cinnamon powder. Keep it aside after mixing it well. Then, add some brown sugar to one cup of oats. For baking put oats mix as the first layer in a pan and then put apple mix on top of it and then again put oats mix as the top layer of the crumble. Now, bake it for forty minutes and serve hot. 

Mix veg sandwich

Sandwiches are very easy to prepare and fun to it. You can make it numerous different ways and kids will never get bored of eating it. For making the most delicious sandwich, you need brown bread, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, cheese, vegetables like cucumber, carrot, tomato, lettuce, and cabbage. 

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Moreover, it is a quick dish and easy too. Firstly, take two bread slices and spread mayonnaise on one slice and sandwich spread on the other. Also, cut the vegetables in small pieces so that they don’t fall out of the bread. Place the vegetables in a sequence you like. You can put lettuce pieces like the size of the bread only. Also, for the taste, you can add some salt and black pepper on the veggies. Then, put it in the preheated toaster and take it out once it turns red. 

Savory potatoes

Potato is a great source of vitamin B and all kids love potato chips. So, make it at home without unhealthy oil. You only need potatoes, olive oil, basil leaves, oregano and chilly flakes, salt, and honey. The procedure is quite easy. You just need to cut the potatoes and coat it with the olive oil and other ingredients. Then bake it in an oven at 200 degrees for around 10 minutes. It is the best homemade snacks that are good not only for kids but for kids as well. 

Fruit chaat

Fruit chaat in itself is an exciting word and it is very healthy for the kids. Not all the kids are big fans of fruits but due to fiber fruits are very essential for them to consume. So, fruit chaat is a good way to make your kid eat all the fruits. It is the best Indian snacks for kids. 

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You just need some fruits that are available and chat masala, lemon juice, salt, and black pepper. You can use banana, apple, mango, papaya, kiwi, chiku and many more options are there. Make sure you use fresh fruits. Now, cut the fruits in small pieces and peel the ones that require peeling. Add some salt, lemon juice, and chat masala to it and mix them well. The healthy fruit chat is ready in a few minutes. 

Vegetable soup

There is no doubt about the benefits of vegetables to the human body. But kids are too small to understand those benefits. Thus, they are quite reluctant to eat all the veggies. So, you can give it a twist and serve them those vegetables as a soup during snack time. You can add the veggies of your preference and add some salt, sugar, and cinnamon powder to it. Now, put all this in a pressure cooker and blend it once they are completely ready. You can also sift it as per your kid’s taste. 

So, these mouth-watering Indian snacks for kids are best for kids of all ages and will save a lot of your time.