Simple Guide to Study Tips For Kids

Studying never sounds fun to the children. In fact, it is the toughest task for some parents to make their kid study. But why kids run away from it? Have we ever thought of it? This simple Study tips for kids will help you understand. There can be many reasons that make the kids remember every single excuse they can make to avoid studies. As a resultant, parents push them towards it even more and they get more reluctant.

But parents need to ask themselves if they are implementing the right techniques. There are no such kids that would love study time more than playing. And to arise their interest, there is the need of right attitude. In order to develop strong study skills, parents need to work on the habits, timings, eating, and sleeping schedule of the kids. 

Here are some important study tips for kids.

Appropriate study space

A designated study area is a must have for the kids. Other rooms may have some distractions like television or anything. Therefore, make sure that you provide a suitable study station to the kids. The respective area should have proper lights and all the essential material. And to make your child more interested, you can keep some colorful pens, highlighters or colors. 

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Also, you can keep some sticky notes there for their help. If you encourage them with some freedom over their work area, then they will feel more comfortable sitting there. For instance, let them design the space and place the decoratives of their choice. Not only decoration, also tell them to organise and clean it. As clean places leads to calm minds. More the calm mind, more will be the output of study. 

Management of time

It is one of the key aspects that makes study easier and productive. Students can make the task of studying or preparing for exams fruitful by keeping a planner. It helps them to focus more on the tasks that are on the priority list. Also, if they write down the important dates like submission of assignment or some important test, then it becomes easy for them to prepare it timely. 

Therefore, make them write due dates so they get enough time. The best idea is to divide the tough chapter into parts and dedicate some time on daily basis as per the planner. In this way, they will be on the top of the assignments and feel less burdened and avoid procrastination. 

Noting down

It is one of the best study tips for kids. Nowadays, most of the learning is based on technology. But the old school method has better results as per the theorists. As a matter of fact, kids are able to retain the learning for longer if they note down everything manually. 

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However, there are several applications that assists students by providing them the required study material. But the hand written notes help them to better process the information acquired in the classroom. Therefore, encourage them to write as much as they can for better retention and understanding. 

Practice and practice

Kids also need to practice what they have already learned. Sometimes, they just go through the whole chapter simply half an hour before test. But that is not enough. You need to make them attempt mock or practice test for better results. In addition to this, you should also check if they actually understand everything or cram it. Asking them to explain it in short is a good technique. And when they finish learning, make them repeat the answers to you without looking at the notebook. All this can help your kid to study in a better way.

Seeking support

It is not always possible for the kids to understand each and everything by themselves. So, it is quite important that you make your kid aware of the fact of not understanding. And tell them that they are free to ask anything if they don’t get it. Kids often hesitate to ask something from the teachers or the parents. But you have to make them comfortable enough that they talk to you freely. Hesitation can refrain them from learning. Instead, tell them to ask the teachers in the very beginning. 

Stay away from distractions

Distractions are the biggest hurdles. Make sure that your kid is away from the distractions like mobile phones, or television so that they can focus better on studies. Even, multi-tasking can decrease their efficiency. Therefore, it is better to study one subject at a time and focus on it completely. Not only the gadgets, but the thought process can also be a distraction. So, make sure that children have fresh minds when they start studying.

A big NO to cramming

Cramming may help them gain good scores but it will bring no results in the long run. The parents need to understand that the main agenda of studying is not to get good grades but to gain knowledge and a successful career. So, never encourage them to cram anything. Instead, make them start by learning little bit and understanding it’s meaning. For instance, ask them to read the first paragraph of the chapter and understand its meaning while explaining it further to you.

Sound sleep

There are some parents who make their kids wake up pretty early in the morning for a better routine. But, good sleep is quite important for the better functioning of the brain. A healthy brain will focus more and enhance its effectiveness. Also, providing small breaks to the brain is very important. So, during the study session offer the kid a small break for ten minutes to freshen up their minds. It will increase their ability of learning. 

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These were some Study tips for kids and best practices that will help you and your kid to cope with the studies. Except the strategies, children sometimes need time to adapt to the habit of learning and understanding the study material. And parents should understand that not all kids are brilliant in studies, there are average students also which is completely fine.